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The Halifax & Nova Scotia Personal Injury Lawyers firm has consistently provided quality legal representation in personal injury claims in Nova Scotia. In the event of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, such as a car, bicycle, or motorcycle accident, slip and fall, work-related accident, or other similar incidents, we are here to help you through this difficult time.

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Are you looking for a lawyer focusing on personal injury cases in the Nova Scotia area?

Finding a lawyer for the first time can be frightening. But suppose you were seriously injured in a preventable accident. Then, consulting with a seasoned personal injury attorney about your options is a good idea.

At Halifax & Nova Scotia Personal Injury Lawyers, injury lawyers practice civil litigation, primarily in personal injury cases. We represent individuals visiting or living in Nova Scotia who have suffered severe injury as a result of the carelessness of another person. We will provide you with the finest representation from the moment we take your case until the final settlement judgment is received.

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Why Hire Our Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case?

When you partner with our injury lawyer team, you are no longer a victim, but a family member

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases We Take On:

Our lawyers create successful strategies by utilizing in-depth knowledge of legal issues and by bringing in lawyers whose testimony increases our chances of succeeding in the following types of cases:

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Personal Injury

Auto Accidents

Accidents on the road and other vehicular collisions are the most common cause of personal injuries. We are here to assist you if you have sustained severe harm due to a driver’s irresponsible or negligent actions in any vehicle. Our experienced attorneys know how to negotiate with insurance companies and are familiar with the Provincial Laws that govern car crash litigation.

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Accidents at the Workplace

Suppose you got hurt while at work: You could file a claim against the employer’s liability insurance policy, however, in the majority of accidents, our firm offers a “No Win, No Fee” service. So, if you have been injured in any of the aforementioned cases, you can rely on our personal injury lawyers to take care of and treat your case with the utmost respect.

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Common Types of Personal Injury Cases We Take On:

A severe injury could alter the course of your life. We know this and will fight to protect what’s important to you, including your health, family, earnings, and quality of life.

How Will You Prove Your Injury?

We’ll need to gather this critical information to prove that you’ve suffered an injury or illness because of someone else’s negligence:

Incident Information

When considering a personal injury lawsuit, gathering all information pertinent to the incident can make a huge difference and help your case: This evidence is critical in demonstrating how and why your injuries occurred and how long-term their impact may be (e.g medical records, relevant dates or times, where the incident happened, and receipts for bills you’ve had to pay).

Injury Information

Accurate injury information can make or break personal injury claims. Each situation deserves a thorough investigation. Injury information can reveal what happened, who was accountable, and the medical treatment needed. Keeping track of expenses, reports, and other secondary records is crucial for trial evidence.

Contact Information

Access to witnesses, medical records, photos, physical evidence, and expert opinions can be instrumental in proving an injury. Therefore, personal injury victims should ensure they have gathered detailed contact information for pertinent individuals, so their cases remain as strong as possible.

Independent Medical Report

An independent medical report is a detailed overview of the claimant's injuries obtained and evaluated by a qualified medical expert. This report will provide the assessor and court with impartial evidence of the extent and nature of your injury, enabling them to evaluate any damages claimed in the lawsuit accurately.

You don’t need to stress about gathering this information because our Halifax injury lawyers will assist you

How Long Will Compensation Claim Take?

The timing for an accident claim to be resolved varies case by case. The uniqueness of each claim primarily depends on how complicated the case is. Three main things to think about are:

1. Identifying Fault

The hardest part of a compensation claim is determining fault. To ensure accuracy, it takes time and effort to investigate and document. In addition, a claimant’s quest for evidence may be further complicated by regional or case-specific fault determination standards and legislation. Because of these considerations, claimants must be aware that recognizing fault could factor into the total length of their compensation process.

2. Medical Evidence

Medical evidence determines compensation claims. Medical proof can be gathered quickly if a claimant’s injury is easy to assess and document, but injuries that involve gradual or cumulative damage may take longer. In addition, depending on the severity of an accident and potential claims for lost earnings and other costs, it may be challenging to locate and verify these. Thus, medical proof is crucial to estimating a claim’s duration.

3. The Compensation Amount

The amount sought is one of the significant factors to consider when determining how long a compensation claim should take. The greater the sum, the longer it will typically be until a resolution is reached. This is because both parties might enter into negotiations to agree on a specific sum that both sides find agreeable. Also, if further steps are needed, such as providing documentation or paperwork, this can significantly impact how long it would take for the entire settlement process to be finalized.

What Is the Value of My Claim for Personal Injury?

Although many people are interested in how much money they can get from a personal injury claim, the value of a claim depends on a variety of factors:

  • Nature and severity of the injury
  • The rehabilitation time
  • The degree of any long-term disabilities suffered as a result
  • The psychological damage
  • Loss of earnings because of an injury.

You should consult a personal injury attorney to determine the amount you may be entitled.

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Suppose you were injured or hurt in an accident that was the fault of another person. In that case, you have the legal right to file what is known as a personal injury claim to get compensation for your injuries.

Even though most disputes are resolved outside of court, some end up being tried in court. Personal injury cases go to trial for various reasons, including the following: The personal injury lawyer for the defendant is confident that his client will prevail in the case.

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Halifax & Nova Scotia Personal Injury Lawyers are here to help no matter how you’ve been injured. Our knowledgeable attorneys are ready for you to take advantage of their expertise and passion for winning. We understand what it takes to represent clients through their claim process with detailed case strategy, negotiations for settlements, and advocacy on your behalf in court should it come to that. Consultations with our personal injury lawyers are free of charge. We can determine your legal needs and provide you with sound legal guidance.