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Fighters Against Injuries: Our Spine Injury Lawyers Are Ready!

Spinal cord injuries affect individuals, families, and occasionally whole towns. You’ll need to rely on others for support once you can no longer fully manage your body. Unfortunately, those who once looked to you for assistance may now find it difficult to do so and may find themselves floundering.

This need for support is not shameful but has practical implications. You’ll require help finding medical treatment, dealing with insurance concerns, and standing up for your rights in the office, the classroom, and the community. We are your ally in your battle as a spinal cord injury attorney.

spinal cord injury attorney

Spinal Cord Injury Causes

Spinal cord damage compromises the network of nerves in the backbone that sends messages to the brain. As a result, the victim of this damage may be entirely or partially deprived of their ability to move and feel. According to the National Cord Injury Statistical Center, falls, violent crimes, car accidents, and recreational sports are the most frequent causes of spinal cord injuries. The medical center would be held accountable for its mistake in that situation. In any case, your lawyer can assist in determining who is responsible for your condition.

What if, for instance, you had surgery and the surgeon’s egregious incompetence caused a severe SCI? It is only reasonable to look for a spinal fusion lawsuit settlement to pay for the expenses brought on by the accident (as well as compensation for the pain and suffering brought on). You might be qualified to bring a personal injury claim if another individual was at fault for the incident resulting in your spinal cord injury (out of negligence or malicious intent).

When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer for Spinal Cord Injury

According to the CDC, SCI or TBI has rendered more than five million people disabled. Yet, to restore their independence, receive fair treatment from employment, and locate doctors who respect their needs and wishes, many survivors must fight an uphill battle. So never feel guilty about hiring a lawyer if you have experienced brain damage. 

Injury to the brain or spinal cord can cost a fortune, and if someone else caused your harm, they should be held accountable and pay for your costs. If you were the victim of discrimination or if a hazardous product caused your injuries, you can also be qualified for aid. This is when you should get in touch with a brain injury lawyer.

You Were Injured in an Accident

Take the time to speak with a lawyer if you were hurt in an accident involving a car, bicycle, boat, or even one at an amusement park. Even if it initially appears that no one is responsible for your injuries, everything from defective brakes to careless machine operation could make one or more parties accountable.

Someone Intentionally or Negligently Hurt You

You might have a legal case if someone else hurts you intentionally or recklessly. For example, a person who accidentally shoots you with a firearm or hits you while driving will be held liable for any harm you receive. These are only a few examples of carelessness or intentional harm.

Your Doctor Caused or Failed to Treat Your Injuries

Each year, medical errors cause up to 250,000 fatalities and maybe thousands more injuries. Speak to a lawyer if your physician was responsible for your damages. Of course, determining whether your doctor’s conduct caused your injuries can take years of medical training. This underscores how crucial it is to speak with a lawyer. For example, if your doctor does any of the following:

  • not attending to an injury that required medical attention
  • ignored medical recommendations for treating an injury already present
  • committed a significant surgical error, such as by operating on the wrong organ or nicking an artery
  • Was drunk or intoxicated when advising you or performing work on you

Not all instances of medical injury call for legal action. Sometimes a course of treatment fails, or a doctor makes an unusual mistake that doesn’t seriously injure the patient. But if your health worsens after seeking medical attention, you need legal assistance.

You Were Injured at a Business

Even if your injuries appear unintentional, you might still be responsible for them if you were hurt while visiting someone else’s place of business. For example, your head being hit by a warehouse box could result from careless packing or defective machinery. There may have been a brawl at a neighborhood eatery because the place lacked security or encouraged violence. Customers and employees who suffer serious injuries are frequently covered by insurance by businesses.

A Faulty Product Injured or Failed to Protect You

Legal action can nearly always be taken because of defective items, but only if you are hurt. However, there are specific circumstances in which you might be entitled to bring a product liability claim:

  • You used a protective item like a bicycle helmet correctly, yet it didn’t keep you safe when you were in an accident.
  • The injury was caused by a protective product malfunctioning or inadvertently releasing an airbag.
  • A pharmacist prescribed the incorrect drug or healthcare item to you.
  • You experienced a severe adverse reaction to a medication.

spine injury lawyer

Why Hire Our Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer?

Some of the most severe injuries a person can sustain are spinal cord injuries. The harm caused by spinal cord injuries is therefore very severe. Pursuing damages for spinal cord injuries can be exceedingly challenging and complicated. Consequently, it is helpful to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Due to their experience with cases involving spinal cord injuries, our attorneys can offer you the knowledge and tools required to help you through the various curveballs that situations like these might present and obtain the money you need for spinal cord damages.

Insurance companies will intensely defend a case since the damages in spinal cord injury claims are frequently substantial. Without legal representation, you can find yourself in a precarious position where the insurance company holds all the cards.

Inaccuracies can hurt your case and lower the potential compensation you could get if you don’t comprehend the standard practices and conventions in these circumstances. Our skilled attorney can level the playing field, ensure you are not exploited and guarantee that your case is handled seriously. We can give you the knowledge and resources needed to provide your case with the best opportunity of obtaining just compensation to cover the costs associated with your spinal cord injury.

Contact Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Halifax & Nova Scotia

Halifax & Nova Scotia Personal Injury Lawyers has skilled lawyers who will fight for your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve, no matter what kind of accident caused your injury. This includes a car accident, a slip and fall, a sports injury, or any other kind of accident. We may carefully review the evidence in your case and collaborate with investigators to determine who is legally responsible for your injuries. 

We are experienced in handling paralysis claims and have aided clients in securing just compensation for spinal cord damage. You can be sure that we have the knowledge and experience required to give you tenacious representation in your accident claim, whether your case is resolved out of court or we go to trial.


Even Though I Caused My Spinal Injury, Do I Still Have a Case?

You might occasionally be to blame for an injury you sustain. However, you still have a case as long as the person you are suing is not more to blame for your injuries than you are. If you can prove that someone else is more at fault than you are for your damages, you may be entitled to compensation if your lawsuit is successful. A catastrophic injury claim frequently consists of several different components.

Can I Bring a Lawsuit for Personal Injury Without a Lawyer?

Yes, you can bring a lawsuit for personal injury without a lawyer. But if you don’t have a lawyer, your chances of getting the proper compensation for your injuries are substantially lower. You are subject to the same laws and rules without a lawyer as you would be with one during the complicated personal injury lawsuit procedure. Without the assistance of a lawyer, you are unlikely to obtain the compensation required to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Lawyers are trained to successfully and efficiently navigate the legal procedure.

Will My Case Be Tried in Court?

Most personal injury cases are settled before trial. Before a matter goes to trial, many legal teams strike a settlement with the other party. However, claims for catastrophic injuries are more likely to proceed to trial than lawsuits for less severe injuries.

Both parties will choose to proceed to trial if they cannot agree to negotiation and mediation. If your case should go to trial, discuss this with your attorney. Whether a trial or a settlement will result in the highest possible amount of compensation for you, your legal team should decide on this strategy.

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