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Truck Accident Lawyers in Halifax

If you or a loved one was hurt in a truck accident, you are probably in discomfort and pondering what to do next. On your behalf, a truck accident attorney can determine who is at fault, gather evidence, speak with eyewitnesses, negotiate with the insurance provider, and, if necessary, take the case to trial. So while you focus on getting well or caring for a family member injured in a non-fault accident, a truck accident lawyer can handle your case.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

There are several reasons why trucking accidents occur, including one or more of the following:

Driver inattention

Driver inattention is one of the main factors in truck accidents. A motorist may quickly become distracted due to the numerous demands of the job. Alternatively, the motorist can struggle to concentrate due to exhaustion from a long day of driving.


Trucking accidents are frequently brought on by speeding. Speeding trucks are more prone to lose control because they have less time to respond to changes in the flow of traffic. Furthermore, trucks traveling at a faster speed need more space to stop, increasing the likelihood of rear-end incidents. Again, speeding trucks are more likely to flip over and have their cargo ejected from the vehicle. Trucks traveling too fast can still cause accidents, even when drivers are cautious.


Following too closely or tailgating is one of the most frequent reasons for trucking accidents. A truck’s driver has far less time to respond to unexpected braking or other hazards when an automobile tailgates it. Rear-end collisions, which frequently result in severe or fatal injuries, might easily result from this. When roads are slick or have poor visibility, tailgating is particularly risky. A truck driver may not brake in time to prevent a collision under certain circumstances. Because of this, it’s crucial for drivers to constantly maintain a safe following distance, even if it prolongs their time in traffic. After all, being late is preferable to being there at all.

Mechanical Problems

Several things can lead to trucking accidents, but one of the most frequent causes. A vehicle can acquire issues that cause an accident if mechanical trouble is not maintained correctly. Failure of the brakes, worn tires, flaws in the seat belts, malfunctioning airbags, and lack of crashworthiness are a few instances of technical issues.

Aggressive Driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly one-third of all highway fatalities are directly related to aggressive driving. The fact that many aggressive drivers operate enormous trucks only makes this issue worse. Trucks need more space to stop because of their size and weight, and they are more likely to roll over if they lose control. Therefore, truckers’ aggressive driving can have disastrous results.

Inattention to Blind Spots

Blind spots are regions where a car’s driver has trouble spotting other cars. Depending on the kind and size of the vehicle, these zones change. For instance, compared to trucks, vehicles have lower blind zones. Like vehicles, trucks have blind spots, but in different places. These blind areas must be recognized by drivers, who must drive with extra caution while nearby. Unfortunately, many motorists overlook their blind spots, which can result in collisions.

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Why You Need a Truck Accident Attorney

The causes and guilty parties in truck accidents are frequently numerous and complex. Was it the driver’s inattention or a problem with the steering that caused a truck to stray into your lane? Was the driver exhausted because of drugs, drinking, or working too many shifts? Did the steering malfunction due to a manufacturing flaw, a lack of maintenance, or subpar maintenance work? How do you estimate the missed wages caused by accidents? 


Truck accident attorneys excel at getting to the bottom of these problems. However, it’s incredibly challenging to navigate the legal system, comprehend the entire scope of your losses, and negotiate the best settlement without a lawyer.

Halifax & Nova Scotia Personal Injury Lawyers as Ideal Truck Accident Lawyers

Personal injury attorney” may be used when seeking assistance. It is crucial to choose someone with the appropriate trucking experience. Here are some reasons why you should hire our accident attorneys in Halifax and Nova Scotia:

Experienced With Trucking Accidents

Our attorneys know about trucking accidents. We have more vehicle accident experience than most people since trucking accidents cause more severe injuries and property damage than most auto accidents. Compared to passenger cars, the trucking business is subject to specific restrictions. Truck drivers, transportation companies, maintenance facilities, and owners may all be implicated in the risks that trucks provide.


It’s crucial that you feel comfortable speaking with your lawyer. As members of your rehabilitation team, we will have access to much private information. You want someone you can confide in, feel comfortable disclosing all of your information to, and know will support you.

Trial Experience

We’ve had a lot of trial experience. Some lawyers will concentrate on obtaining compensation from the insurance company. The minimum amount of work is needed to do this. You want someone who will spend the money necessary to receive what you deserve and prevail in court.

Effective Communication 

You should be well aware of the situation when speaking with the attorney. For example, you might not want to choose a lawyer who uses complicated legalese rather than plain language. You might also contact the office employees since many lawyers delegate ordinary case tasks, such as document collection, to paralegals and assistants. Even if it might not be necessary to inform you of every development, you want a lawyer who makes it a point to update clients on their cases. We value communication for a claim to proceed more smoothly at Halifax & Nova Scotia Personal Injury Lawyers.

What Damages Can Our Truck Accident Attorney Help You to Recover?

Your lawyer can assist you in obtaining various damages after a truck, semi-truck, or tractor-trailer collision. These many categories of injuries will be covered in the sections that follow. Which of these damages will apply in your particular truck accident lawsuit will be clear from them.

Making a Property Damage claim

Although property damage may not pose a life-threatening hazard in a truck accident, it should still be handled very seriously. Personal injury and accident situations are frequently laden with financial difficulties. You place a high value on your car, so if it were to be damaged, you might incur a significant financial loss.


Additionally, if you cannot acquire a replacement vehicle, you can be prevented from doing everyday duties and traveling to and from work. Finally, if you sustained property damage due to your truck accident, we can assist you in obtaining compensation.

Claiming for the Pain and Suffering Caused by Your Injuries

The term “pain and suffering” has a legal definition. These losses cover the cost of your injuries’ recovery and any other problems they may cause. The amount of discomfort you will experience and the length of your rehabilitation process are taken into account when calculating the pain and suffering damage.

Claiming for the Lost Life of a Loved One

Sadly, fatalities from truck accidents frequently occur. We know that no money can make up for the level of sorrow you will be experiencing. Losing a loved one, though, is regrettably expensive. There are burial and funeral costs to take into account. Additionally, you will likely have lost a member of your home income-generating team.


Your grief process may be exceedingly complicated by all of this. Following truck accidents, wrongful death lawsuits are intended to relieve your financial burden so that you have the time, space, and energy to mourn your loved one properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because truck and bus cases are so involved, you should choose a lawyer right away who has experience managing cases involving large trucks. Regardless of how badly hurt you are, trucking corporations often have infinite resources, including teams of attorneys and experts ready to contest any lawsuit you might bring resulting from an accident. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself after being struck by a truck is to speak with a qualified truck accident lawyer who will fight for your rights and ensure you receive just compensation.

Refuse to consent to provide the insurance provider for the trucking company with a recorded statement. Any documents the shipping firm and its insurance provider send you should not be signed. Instead, call a knowledgeable trucking firm right once, like Halifax & Nova Scotia Personal Injury Lawyers.

The statute of limitations is two years from the date of the accidents in Pennsylvania and most other states. Speaking with a lawyer as quickly as possible after an accident is best. Investigating your case is critical, and as time passes, it becomes more and harder to gather crucial facts. It is possible to misplace or destroy essential documents about driver logs and vehicle safety regulations. 

The trucking company will send a team of detectives and experts to the scene of the accident to help their defense. For the same thing to happen, you will need help from someone. To prove your case, we will talk to witnesses, take pictures, and talk to experts in medicine and accident reconstruction. It would be excellent if we could start working right away.

The truck driver, trucking business, or owner of the truck/trailer may be held accountable in cases involving trucks or tractor-trailers. However, in some circumstances, the facility in charge of loading the car or even the organization in order of the trailer’s contents may also be accountable. The best way to decide what steps to take is to speak with a lawyer because every case is different. We provide complimentary consultations to prospective clients as a result.